25th Feb, 2015

Top 25 U.S. Places to Retire: Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate

Top 25 U.S. Places to Retire: Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate

Once again accolades point retirees towards Fredericksburg Texas real estate.  The high quality lifestyle, desirable location, and affordability in Fredericksburg helped the community make Forbes list of 25 Best Places to Retire.  For sifted data from over 400 cities. All 50 states were represented.

Fredericksburg Texas real estateThe 25 winners were listed alphabetically. The top-25 list also included Austin. The two cities vary dramatically. Fredericksburg is a small Texas town of approximately 11,000 residents surrounded by vast open areas, beautiful rivers, farms, and ranches. The Texas capital, Austin, is a large city and home to the University Austin.  Abilene, which is north of Fredericksburg, and San Angelo, which lies west of Fredericksburg, also made the list.

Positive Economic Factors for Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate

Of course, retirees are looking to stretch their funds over several decades without terribly compromising their lifestyles. Consequently, economic indicators are important. Forbes weighed the following economic factors:

  1. Overall cost of living
  2. Home prices compared to national averages
  3. Taxes affecting retirees

The study reports a cost of living in Fredericksburg at 5% below the national average. Fredericksburg Texas real estate also has a median home price of $138,000. In general, the taxes in Texas are relatively low.

Fredericksburg Livability

Other sought-after qualities available in Fredericksburg were cited by Forbes. Fredericksburg is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and features a warm climate. With higher elevations than Austin, Fredericksburg’s temperatures can run 5-10 degrees cooler in the summer time.  Interestingly, Forbes also noted the above average air quality in Fredericksburg.  This is most likely due to the gentle breezes that keep the air moving as well as the lack of big-city traffic and industry.

Fredericksburg TX homes for sale are also available near the charming historic downtown. The pedestrian friendly community received a high walk ability rank from Forbes. The study also noted the low crime rate.

Millionaires in Fredericksburg Texas

On another note, the Radio Standard Newspaper (2/25/15) reported results of the study conducted by The Wall Street Journal.  Apparently, the number of millionaires per capita in “little ol’ Fredericksburg” surpasses that of any other city in Texas.  Kerrville ranks second. Looking at the entire nation, Fredericksburg comes in 47th and Kerrville 75th with Los Alamos, New Mexico taking the No. 1 spot.

The study measured investable assets and highly liquid holdings such as stocks and bonds, savings accounts and cash versus wealth tied up in real estate assets and retirement accounts.

Sage Premium Texas Real Estate

For more information about Fredericksburg Texas real estate, including tracts near downtown for building custom estate homes, Texas ranches, and Texas Hill Country homes, please contact Dale Cook of Sage Premium Texas Real Estate in Fredericksburg at 830-997-1035.

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