21st Dec, 2014

Eyes on Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate over Time

Eyes on Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate over Time

Come, select a comfortable home or tract for a dream home in the Fredericksburg Texas real estate market.  Discover why Texas Hill Country lends itself to a relaxing, healthy, and high-quality lifestyle.  Folks from the big cities tell us that Fredericksburg Texas exudes the sense of place they so long for.

5 Events Increase Focus on Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate

fredericksburg texas real estateHistory, culture, education, work and play – the character of Fredericksburg grows on residents and visitors alike.  Hundreds of restored historic buildings and homes and a unique Hill Country architecture reflect the achievements of the community’s forbearers.  In the heart of Fredericksburg is the Vereins Kirche, the first public building constructed here.  It encapsulates the beginning of Fredericksburg.

1.    Meusebach Chooses Fredericksburg as Home

After the classically educated German Baron became commissioner general of the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas in 1845, his life changed.  Otfried Hans Freiherr Von Meusebach became simply John O. Meusebach.  He overcame great financial and logistical obstacles to found Fredericksburg.  After plotting tracts and bringing in German immigrants from New Braunfels, the Baron went on to reach a treaty with the Comanche Indians and was elected Texas Senator.  Meusebach raised his family in Fredericksburg.

2.    Lyndon B. Johnson joins Executive Branch of USA

International attention was focused on Fredericksburg in 1961 when the Texan Vice President of the United States was received in the small community of Fredericksburg.  By the end of 1963, the global attention turned to the Texas White House in neighboring Stonewall.  The press holed up in Fredericksburg when the Johnson Family was in town.  Affection for the charming community grew throughout the 1960s.

3.    Admiral Chester Nimitz Roots in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Texas real estateThe grandfather of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz lived in Fredericksburg operated the Nimitz Hotel on Main Street.  Chester Nimitz stayed often with his grandfather.  Later the Admiral accompanied vice president Johnson and the West German Chancellor to town in 1961.  After the opening of the Nimitz Museum and National Museum of the Pacific War in 1969, visitors and tourists from around the world again discovered the charm of Fredericksburg – her deep heritage, homey bed and breakfast establishments, and beautiful scenic environment.

4.    Luckenbach: Fredericksburg’s Musical Corner

About 5 miles from Fredericksburg is the Luckenbach Dance Hall, a dot on the map made famous by musicians.  Luckenbach is a town of but three residents.  It has gained global renown through the recording industry with hits such as Jerry Jeff Walker’s Viva Terlingua and Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson’s Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love).

5.    Best Places to Retire

As Fredericksburg started gained attention on lists of Best Places to Retire, more current and future retirees considered relocating to Fredericksburg Texas real estate.  In 2014, Forbes Magazine touted the following attributes when drawing attention to Fredericksburg on its list of 25 Best Places to Live:  “warm climate, above average air quality, cost of living 5% below national average, median home price $138,000, low crime and sales taxes, high walkability rank”.

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