25th Nov, 2013

Buying Vacant Land in Fredericksburg Texas Real Estate Market

Not all parcels of vacant land in the Fredericksburg Texas real estate market are equal.  The point seems obvious.  Perhaps we should say that it takes sleuthing around to know the difference.  The naked eye is not always able to discern valuable or invaluable features of specific properties.

So, of course, we heartily recommend working with a reputable Fredericksburg Realtor who has access to the tools and professional knowledge that will assist buyers who desire to purchase vacant Fredericksburg Texas real estate.  We invite you to consider Sage Premium Texas Real Estate for this job.

Our investigation depends on your purpose for purchasing the vacant land.  Buyers purchase land as long-term investments, to build homes, to build businesses, to hunt, ranch or farm, or ride horses, etc.  What may be an attribute for commercial Fredericksburg Texas real estate could be a big disadvantage for quiet residence.

So the purpose for buying the property is important.  It is also important to consider resale value.  A number of other considerations when purchasing vacant land include location, road access, easements, ordinances, covenants, zoning, survey, permits, cost, flood areas, infrastructure, and utilities.

fredericksburg tx real estateThe location makes or breaks the value of a property.  This is especially true for a commercial or investment parcel.  These properties cannot be out in the middle of nowhere and be expected to maintain or grow in value.  But if the acreage will be for a homestead, there are other concerns.  Will the children be able to walk to school?  How far is it to the doctor, store, or a job?  Do I want to be in a subdivision that has an established infrastructure or away from it all with my cows and crops?

We mentioned infrastructure.  Are there already roads in place to the area?  A public road assures access to a parcel.  Private roads add complications namely arrangements with the owner for access or an easement.  An easement may add cost if the property owner sells the easement.  For certain, it will mean attorney fees.  Zoning restrictions may not allow a certain type of business or a couple of 4-H animals.  At times, properties in subdivisions have covenants or ordinances that restrict certain activities.  Perhaps homes must be a certain size.

It is always a good idea to order a new survey for properties that you are very interested in.  If you would like to run a home business using high speed Internet, be sure your property is connected and in the right area.  That goes for electric, gas, and phone lines as well.  Before signing any documents, determine whether the permits you require for building a home or business, burning rubbish or drilling a well or installing a septic system is necessary.

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