15th Apr, 2013

Go for Spring Cleaning Fredericksburg Texas Garages, Homes

Many of the Hill Country homes in Fredericksburg Texas are occupied by long-term residents who accumulate “stuff” in their garages.  They are not the only ones with extra belongings though.  It takes some people only a year or two to fill up with extra treasures.  A homeowner survey by California Closets, a design consultancy, revealed that 50 percent of California homeowners are no longer able to fit their vehicles into their garages because stuff is in the way.

Owners of Texas homes may not be far behind.  So let’s get going with spring cleaning our garages.  How?  Purge, Sell, Give Away, and Organize.  What better time is there than springtime to pamper your Fredericksburg TX real estate by conquering the garage area?  Although a variety of historic homes in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County were built before the era of the automobile, these tips may be helpful for storage areas, attics, extra rooms, and basements as well.

The modern-day garage is the new front door.  Won’t it be nice to come home to Hill Country and feel Lone Star proud as you drive in?  The Spring/Summer 2013 GEICO NOW Magazine quotes from the book “Organize Your Garage in No Time” by Barry Izsak of Austin.  “It’s not realistic to think you can tackle 20 years of clutter in one day.”  Do the easy stuff first.

For example, get rid of the trash including broken appliances and old paint cans.  Pile everything you never use into one area, sorting out things that may be useful to locals or that can be sold online.  If you could benefit from a tax write off, donate items to charity–even old cars–that you’ve kept around the place.  Or plan a garage sale.  If you live on a busier street, try offering items on the curb with a “Free” sign for a Saturday morning.

The next step is creating a plan to make better use of the now-empty areas.  Organize.  Assess your belongings in each area and decide how you want to store them.  Some people like to be able to see their belongings at a glance.  Others prefer cupboard doors or to line open shelves with labeled bins.  Inventory and categorize the belongings that will be stored in the garage.  Then measure the space where you want to place it and measure the space needed for vehicles.

Put like items such as sports equipment together.  Decide how you’d like to store bicycles and kayaks, rakes and tools.  Add a cupboard for hazardous materials.  Now find the garage furniture to make it work.  There are some great garage layout tools online at big retailers like Lowes.  Let’s hear it for a bit of TLC in the garage.

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