7th Oct, 2011

Landscape Companies Simplify Yards for Texas Hill Country Homeowners

Hill Country homeowners have plenty of advantages when it comes to landscaping, considering the beautiful weather patterns in Central Texas.

Sometimes, however, residents of Fredericksburg TX homes, ranches, and neighboring communities do not quite know what to do to create and maintain nice yards and acreage.  Maybe a yard in Fredericksburg property is overgrown, plants are on the wrong side of the building for optimum healthy growth, or the soil has a deficiency.

Who does know what to do?  Excellent landscaping companies near Fredericksburg real estate in the heart of Texas Hill Country are here to help.  They know how to invest in soil, mulch, trees, shrubs and flowers to get the most appealing results.  These companies offer a variety of services to assist.

Perennial Landscape and Design helps with designing landscapes for new homes and replacing or refreshing existing landscapes.  The Dodds Family works with small beds up to commercial designs, incorporating native landscapes or deer resistant plants as requested.  There’s Hill Country Gardens and The Xeriscape Guys who specialize in “Water Wise Landscaping.”  The list of small companies continues.

Perennial’s website is a great source of information.  The company offers on-site consultation.  Full-service landscape services begin with site preparation, plant installation, and finish work.  Before executing a design, the company show clients a computer animated version of the proposed finished product.

Variables all come together to create the dream yard.  Perennial uses 100-percent Raleigh sod with a three-inch base of soil that has been screened for weeds.  Homeowners are informed which plants are options for each sunny or shady area and plants that will thrive with given water sources.  Irrigation systems can be planned and phased in during future growth.  To avoid having to thin a garden in a few years, Perennial recommends that all plants be spaced out depending on their projected size at maturity.

This company offers a full spectrum of landscape materials, edging, rock and stone, fertilizers, mulch and soil, and plants and trees available.  They recommend using three inches of mulch or rock material in the landscaping beds and have many suggestions based on the horticulture of the area.

For expert guidance in your personal search for the ultimate piece of the Hill Country, please call Dale E. Cook, MBA and owner of SAGE – Premium Texas Real Estate at (830) 992-0056.

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