25th Jul, 2011

Soils of Hill Country Land Acreage around Fredericksburg TX Homes

Fredericksburg Texas homes for sale, Texas land and acreage, and Hill Country farmlands offer rich soils to farmers big and small.  Texas cropland around Fredericksburg produces some of the most luscious peaches in the world.  The vineyards of Fredericksburg real estate are part of a specific viticultural area located entirely in Gillespie County.

When the climate is too fickle for peaches, Texas Hill Country farmlands in Fredericksburg TX real estate also produce abundant crops of okra, tomatoes, blackberries, cabbage, string beans.  The one very consistent harvest is wildflowers.

Top soil is the most productive layer of soil.  Top soil is created by rocks and decaying plants and animals.  It takes over 500 years to form an inch of it.  So, it is precious.

Texas includes 32 million acres of cropland.  Approximately 40 percent is highly erodible by water and/or wind.  The central and eastern parts of the state must deal with water erosion.  The High Plains and far west part of the state deal with wind erosion.  And the Rolling Plains and southern parts have both problems.  Gillespie County in Texas Hill Country mostly avoids all of the above drama.

Many Texas Hill Country farmers are happy, overeducated landowners.  They enjoy farming, producing, selling, and creating marketable products to ship to larger markets.  Many are family operations.  It is not uncommon for small farmers to moonlight out on the fields, planting or harvestings or caring for the farm acreage. Wildseed Farms grows extensive fields of wildflowers and sells wildflower seeds.  Peach farms sell by the bushel to folks who will drive across the state for more.

Texas Hill Country is the largest viticultural area in the state and only second nationally to Napa Valley in California.  Fifty eight different soil associations can be found in the mine million acres of Hill Country.  Soils include clay loam, clay, and sandy clay loam.  Ranging over the peaks and valleys of Gillespie County, Fredericksburg’s viticultural area includes over 70,000 acres of the Hill Country viticultural area.  The soils are approximately 90 percent clay loam with the remaining 10 percent made up of loam, silty clay, and clay.

Texas divides into 11 major land resource areas or eco-regions.  Each area features similar soils, vegetation, climate, and land uses.  Buyers interested in moving into farming will find the good resources at the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service.  They link agricultural producers with agricultural research, offering educational programs and materials to homeowners, producers, and farm workers.

Come relax in the gusto of our small city (10,000 pop.) and visit area peach farms, vineyards, and land for sale.  For expert guidance in your personal search for the ultimate piece of the Hill Country, please call Dale E. Cook, MBA and owner of SAGE – Premium Texas Real Estate at (830) 992-0056.

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