23rd Feb, 2011

Come See Fredericksburg TX Homes for Admiral Nimitz’s 126th Birthday

On February 24, veterans and celebrants from across our Texas lands and beyond will join residents of Fredericksburg Texas homes at the world-famous National Museum of the Pacific War to celebrate the 126th anniversary of the birthday of Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Although became Commander in Chief of Pacific Ocean Areas during World War II, he was born in a Fredericksburg home in 1885 and spent many a day in his grandfathers Nimitz Steamboat Hotel, which is in Downtown Fredericksburg real estate.

What a great time to bring the family to see Fredericksburg TX real estate and to learn about our history!  The Fredericksburg Middle School choir will perform at 1:00 p.m. in the Nimitz Ballroom before the Birthday Ceremony and cake cutting.  Anyone with a February 24 birthday is a special guest, receiving a birthday gift and free admission.  After the cake, lemonade and coffee service, the film, “The Battle of Midway,” will play inside the building where Chester Nimitz lived as a child.  Midway is one of the Admiral’s finest moments.

The National Museum of the Pacific War at 328 E Main Street perpetuates the memory of the Pacific Theater to remember the sacrifice made to attain victory.  The Museum features educational and cultural information about the epic of the Pacific War against Japan.  Eight million U.S. soldiers fought in World War II, including eight Presidents; 100,000 lost their lives.

The Museum is in the historic Nimitz Hotel.  Within the Museum are Japanese gardens, a gift shop, the vintage ballroom and mezzanine, Plaza of Presidents with the George H.W. Bush Gallery and continual new exhibits, Cailloux Education Center, and the Museum boardroom.  Outdoors is the Memorial Courtyard remembers individuals, ships, and units from WWII, and the beautifully landscaped patio, gazebo, and courtyard.

The six-acre Nimitz Steamboat Hotel extols the life and career of the Admiral.  Interestingly, he was a disciple of Lt. Commander Toto of the Japanese Navy.  Consequently, military leaders of Japan enlisted skilled Japanese artisans to build a Garden of Peace in Texas to honor Admiral Nimitz.

Located in the very heart of Hill Country real estate, about 75 miles west of Austin and equidistant from San Antonio, the charming historic Fredericksburg community is home to 10,000 residents.  Popular downtown Fredericksburg is the scene of happy German festivals, live theater, unique boutique shops, art galleries, excellent restaurants, and along the Texas Wine Trail.  For its size, Fredericksburg offers diverse employment options, acclaimed schools, and top-notch medical facilities.

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