6th Dec, 2010

Limestone: A Favorite for Texas Hill Country Homes

Adding an Old World charm, Texas limestone blends perfectly into the natural landscape of homes in Texas Hill Country.   In Fredericksburg TX real estate, the timeless material exudes a warm rustic elegance so inviting to our comfortable Texas hospitality.  Some Texas landowners excavate limestone from their own real estate or from nearby quarries.

Witness this favorite building material while walking down Main Street Fredericksburg real estate.  An amazing variety of architectural styles and landscapes incorporate indigenous limestone.  Beginning with the German settlers, generations continued to build the landmark Fredericksburg homes that serve as today’s quaint Bed & Breakfast establishments or remodeled into large estate homes in Texas Hill Country.  The historic library and museums feature the timeless limestone facade.

Today, designs with limestone predominance span the Hill Country region from Austin TX homes to San Antonio.  For example, Great American Companies used 550 tons of Siena Blend limestone for their San Antonio homes in Inverness, a new high-end residential community with a sophisticated look.  With limestone, they created a wall around the perimeter of the property, built a bridge and guardhouse and accented a larger guardhouse.

Excavated limestone has a subtle weathered finish that beautifully and dutifully upholds the rich Hill Country woods and vegetation.  It performs well in hardscapes, walkways, waterfalls, patio walls.  Architects add metal roofs, deep porches, logs, wrought iron, extensive windows, and other elements to mix the traditional look with contemporary features.  Although some of the stones and mortar appear random, masons often painstakingly select each stone to achieve the desired style.

Custom homebuilders creatively combine the rainbow of limestone with other North American rock and granite.  Not all limestone is equal.  Each quarry features differences in hues of pinks, tans, golds, blues, earthy tones, browns, and greys.  The limestone blocks may be smooth cut, angled, or rough.  One stone may be comprised of two colors.  Many builders mix chopped pieces of several tones to achieve the right look.

For an increasing number of individuals building sustainable homes, the fact that the rock is produced locally matters.  Limestone also provides superior insulation as thick walls.  Just combine it with solar panels, xeriscaping, and other “green” elements to minimize energy bills.  Oh, yes, we do love our limestone!

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