15th Jul, 2010

How to Quickly Sell Austin Homes for Sale

Most Austin homes for sale are moving faster than real estate in some Texas communities.  Even so, if sellers of Austin houses and real estate in Texas Hill Country take some initiative, hire the right agent and set the right price, they will quickly catch the attention of buyers.

Here is some advice to help kick off the sale of your Austin real estate:  Downsize, inspect, repair, paint, and shine it up to immaculate.  Then stage the home and dial up the curb appeal.  Sounds easy, right?  So, let’s go for it.
Very first impressions count.  Start by putting a plan in motion to spruce up the landscape and front of the house.  People who see the picture online and in print will make an immediate assessment.

Plan to remove throw rugs, decorations, personal items, and unnecessary furniture.  Some people put everything extra into the garage.  Label the corners of the garage “Store”, “Sell”, “Giveaway”, and “Trash”.  Remember to empty the closets of unnecessary clothing, shoes, and toys.  Take away all extraneous décor, including family pictures and your attempted oil paintings.  Leave only the outlines of furniture and neutral-themed pictures, one or two per room.
Bring home some boxes to pack up the little things and transport this excess off the property to the appropriate places in storage or Salvation Army.  Some charities are able send trucks to pick up large quantities of giveaway; be sure to ask for receipts for tax deductable donations.

Call a home inspector to look over your systems.  Then you will know about problems in time to repair them before anyone comes to a showing.  Buyers like to see that previous owners take care of their properties.  Therefore, plan to repair anything that the inspection brings to light and then some.  Fix up all of the little cracks, holes in walls, squeaky hinges, window and door problems, etc.

Repaint the home in a neutral shade of ivory or white.  At least wash the walls and paint over any strong-colored walls.
Now for some elbow grease.  Clean and clean deeper and clean again.  Every nook and cranny should sparkle—just as it did when the home was brand spanking new.  This is an exercise, for sure.  Some people do one room at a time, beginning with guest wing.  Others go through the entire home, cleaning just the windows, then the walls, the floors and baseboard.  Leave extra time for the kitchen and bathrooms.  There are always unseen challenges waiting in those areas.

Stage the home by highlighting a central area of each room or hire a professional staging company.  Properly staged homes make buyers relax and feel comfortable enough to imagine living in them.

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