Fredericksburg Real Estate: The Quieter Side of Texas Hill Country

Lean a bit west in Hill Country and you will find an array of Fredericksburg real estate in one of the “Most Charming Small Towns in Texas.” Just the right size to be personable, just the right style to welcome hearts, yes, tender hearts from around the globe—homebuyers among them.

Something about Fredericksburg makes even the most sophisticated visitor snuggle back into a quieter way of life. Perhaps it drew tribes to the sacred pink granite dome up the road in what is now the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. In this town, evening strolls down historic downtown could lead to wine tastings, live music or theater, maybe a tour through the art galleries.

Where to Live in FredericksburgFredericksburg Real Estate

Live in town or out in the hills. Today’s selection of Fredericksburg real estate includes vacant tracts for estates, single-family homes, a sampling of townhomes, golf course homes, and awe-inspiring ranches—all just moments from Main Street. Founded in the mid-1800s, the Hill Country hamlet became a hub for farmers and surrounding small towns. Agricultural goodness still fills many an acre.

Ask about our new listing, a quintessential Hill Country property for sale on approximately 3.5 acres. The four-bedroom beauty is the perfect unassuming abode for those buyers who like to gaze out into the rolling landscapes from the gorgeous enclosed back porch.

Trips to Discover

Fredericksburg Real Estate

Improving over time, the storied Gillespie County community has kept its savor and spice. When putting Fredericksburg on the list of 13 best in Texas, writes about the “heavily German-influenced town…its beauty and charm.” The columnist continues, “This city has a rich history and has long attracted visitors who are lured in by its vibrant attractions, wildflower farm, and peach-picking opportunities when in season.”

In recent decades, tourists seek out the excellent National Museum of the Pacific War and the Japanese Peace Gardens. But there are many chances to kick up one’s heels at lively festivals such as Oktoberfest.

Luckenbach, Too

Five miles down the road, make your way to another historic spot. It is Luckenbach! Only a dance hall and post office mark the town square. Willie Nelson sang of Luckenbach, making famous the bare ground where music lovers gather often.

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Why the Well-Heeled Cozy into Hill Country Homes in Fredericksburg

Why exactly do the well-heeled feel so comfortable buying Hill Country homes in Fredericksburg?  Are you aware of the 10 small towns in the USA loved by millionaires?  Fredericksburg Texas ranks #5.  Almost 7.5 percent of the 11,244 households fall into this category.  But there are so many small towns around the country.  hill country homes

What is it about Fredericksburg that brings successful people to the heart of Texas Hill Country?  Some made their mark in the oil industry in San Antonio to the south.  Others come from the Texas State Capital, Austin which is an hour east of town.  Still others dream of a simpler life away from the bustle of large American cities.

Fredericksburg – Fun and Relaxing

A little laid back but vigorously engaged, charming Fredericksburg captures the imagination.  Where else do the one-of-a-kind bed & breakfasts replace most hotels.  Historic districts include a full array of boutiques, shops, eateries, wineries, galleries, and antique shops.
The entertainment options far surpass those of similar sized towns.  Folks come in from the ranch or club for an evening at Hobos, Theater on the Rocks, etc.

And a rich heritage draws tour buses.  The LBJ Ranch is a few miles away.  The Museum of the Pacific War and Japanese Peace Garden are in town.  Add another famous citizen, Admiral Nimitz.

Outdoor ActivitiesFredericksburg Texas property

Being in the hills, Fredericksburg real estate offers a milder summertime climate than the lower elevations.  So, naturally, people spend a lot of time outside.  What is there to do?  Plenty.  Hike, ride bicycles, golf, ride horses, and the Guadalupe River, too.  Fish and hunt or watch the birds.  Ramble over to the gorgeous wildflower fields, pick peaches, plant seeds, raise goats or chickens.  Take your mind far from the stress of the city lifestyle.  Many hard-working Americans dream of financial independence and a simpler life close to nature and sunshine.

Good Company

So, when these seek out the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg adds a bit of pizzazz, the vibrancy they are used to in the cities.  Celebrate the New Year at Torre di Pietra during the Southern-style Black-eyed Pea and Cornbread Cookoff on New Year’s Day.  Or in April, check out the Texas VW Classic and Bluebonnet Cruise and the Wings over the Hills Nature Festival at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park

Hill Country Film Festival showcases four days of independent films at the end of April.  Get to know filmmakers, directors, and actors.  Luckenbach hosts the Texas Hill Country Run Motorcycle Rally in May, too.  Be sure to drop by Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival. Sip and swirl while enjoying live music, lavender fields in bloom.  During the summer weekends, participate in the Gillespie County Pari Mutuel Horse Racing at the Fairgrounds.  The big Gillespie County Fair happens during August.

The historic German heritage is out in full force at the Marktplatz Fredericksburg during Oktoberfest, next held October 5-7, 2018.  Mesquite Arts Festival is the second weekend in October and has become one of the top events in Fredericksburg. It is followed by the Fredericksburg Food and Wine Festival held at the end of the month.

On the first Friday of every month, stroll through the art galleries.  Come during the Fredericksburg Wine Road 290 event or visit scheduled tastings at wineries throughout the year.  Come taste the wine and food pairings or learn how it’s all done at a seminar.   This is time to relax and ponder a new beginning on a nearby ranch or home in Fredericksburg, Texas.

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Modern Farm House Design at Frieden Inspires New Texas Hill Country Lifestyle

Gillespie County is abuzz with the unveiling of the Frieden development two miles east of Fredericksburg.  Find out how you can get away from it all and relax at the former peach orchard.  It speaks to the heart of Texas Hill Country’s quality lifestyle.

New Fredericksburg real estate in Frieden promotes a low-key appreciation of historic lifestyles.  Home designs are based on happenings over 150 years ago when farming families came into Fredericksburg for church.  They stayed in their Sunday houses.  And you can, too.  The first phase of vacant lots for sale is in progress.

Amenities at Frieden

Amenities include over five miles of trails through the rolling landscape.  An amenities center and beautiful swimming pool and fitness room sit at the center of Frieden’s curvilinear layout.  A barn and patio with an outdoor fireplace looking over the main lake serves as a wonderful gathering place.  Have a family?  Frieden is served by Fredericksburg Independent School District and several private schools and university programs.

First Things First – Choose Home Design

Frieden Sunday Haus

Sunday Haus

Buyers choose from these three basic home designs.  Frieden features the Sunday Haus, Mittel Haus, and the Farm Haus floorplans–all meant to be uniquely appointed.  Interior personality will be determined by each owner.  These home designs are intermixed throughout the neighborhood.  Approximate layouts include:

  1. Sunday Haus: 2-3 bedrooms/2.5 baths, 1600-2200 square feet
  2. Mittel Haus: 3-4 bedrooms/2.5-3.5 baths, 2200-3200 square feet
  3. Farm Haus: 3-5 bedrooms/3.5-4.5 baths, over 3200 square feet

Frieden Lots for Sale

Buyers will find out about the specific lots perfectly suited to their chosen design.  For example, if you want to build a modern farmhouse estate, you may tour lots that will accommodate this expansive option.  These are generally the largest lots but there is some overlap.  Lot sizes are as follows:

  1. Sunday Haus Lots: 7500-15,000 square feet
  2. Mittel Haus Lots: 11,000-30,000 square feet
  3. Farm Haus Lots: 17,000-40,000 square feet

Building a House in Frieden

Frieden is a major home development.  Preferred builders have been selected to construct homes.  These builders are committed to excellent craftsmanship and quality and understand the architectural guidelines for Frieden.  Variation between housing types allow buyers to create personalized spaces to accommodate their goals.  Construction must begin within two years of purchasing a lot.

Future Phases at Frieden

Are you ready?  If you do not think you will be able to start building within the next two years, don’t worry.  There will be a second phase of lots available later.  Development plans include two residential phases and a commercial and shopping district.  Ask us to keep you posted.

Realtors – SAGE Premium Texas Real Estate

For expert representation when buying a Fredericksburg lot in Frieden, call Dale E. Cook, broker/owner of SAGE – Premium Texas Real Estate, at (830) 992-0056 or 405 N. Llano Street, Fredericksburg, Texas, 78624.

Nimitz’ Long Influence on the Culture of Fredericksburg Texas

Fredericksburg Texas

World War II Museums

Most especially during the Veterans Day honors, one of the favorite sons of Fredericksburg Texas leads celebrations.  Chester William Nimitz spent the first five years of his life with his grandfather Charles Henry Nimitz in Fredericksburg.  The elder built and operated the iconic Nimitz Hotel, now the site of Adm. Nimitz Museum, and Historical Marker 10089.  The complex was renamed Adm. Nimitz State Historic Site – National Museum of the Pacific War.

Veterans Day Fredericksburg Texas

This week, the Veterans Day program will be held in Memorial Courtyard at the National Museum of the Pacific War.   At 11 AM Saturday, November 11, 2017 the Veterans Day program commences in the Memorial Courtyard at the National Museum of the Pacific War.  Capt. Michael tax is the keynote speaker.  At 2 PM on Saturday and 10:30 AM and 2 PM on Sunday will be the World War II Pacific combat program at the Museum.  See

Nimitz History

As commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Forces during World War II, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz became the namesake of the Admiral Nimitz foundation in 1964.  The foundation restored the original design of the hotel.  In 1968 it was renamed the Admiral Nimitz Museum by the Texas Legislature as a tribute to Admiral Nimitz.  In 2000, it became dedicated exclusively to the Pacific theater battles of World War II.

Museum of Pacific War

Visitors from around the world come to honor veterans of the Pacific Theater.  They note the conning tower from the USS Pintado (SS-387) standing at the main entrance to the museum.  They learn about Pacific Combat, Quonset Hut Hospital, PT Boat and Base, Japanese tank, and machine-gun placements.

And the Peace Garden evokes forgiveness.  In 1976 during the 130th anniversary of the founding of Fredericksburg, a symbolic gesture took place.  The Japanese government gifted a Japanese Garden of Peace.  Adm. Nimitz personally admired the Japanese Adm., Marquise Togo.

The Museum includes a Living History, Veterans’ Walk of Honor and Memorial Wall.  Outdoors is a plaza of the presidents, dedicated on the 50th anniversary of the Japanese surrender delivered to Adm. Nimitz aboard the USS Missouri (BB-63).  The plaza pays tribute to the 10 US presidents who served during World War II.  Also on the premises, are the George HW Bush Gallery and the Nimitz Education and Research Center resources.

Nimitz Influences

Adm. Nimitz continues to influence the culture of our small community.  His legacy provides perspective, education, and a deep understanding of the importance of bravery and chivalry as values of the United States.  So, we see busloads of tourists from across the nation and throughout the world stopping here in Texas Hill Country.  It is not unusual for some of them to return and buy Fredericksburg homes.

SAGE Premium Texas Real Estate – Fredericksburg

For information about possible vacation homes and other real estate in Fredericksburg Texas, contact Dale E Cook at (830) 992-0056SAGE – Premium Texas Real Estate is located at 405 N. Llano St, Fredericksburg, Texas, 78624

A Big Bite of Dodd Frank Slows Down Real Estate Transactions

The Dodd Frank Act passed in 2010 and strongly affects real estate transactions.  Attempting to control “the financial stability of the United States,” Dodd Frank imposed over 3500 pages of rules.  The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University investigated how the new rules impact timelines pertaining to real estate transactions.Real Estate Transactions

The legislation is formerly referred to as the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  It is the government’s attempt to intervene and solve the problems that created the so-called Great Recession.  Its advocates insist that the new mortgage regulations have since prevented another nationwide mortgage default.  However, the millions of dollars it takes for banks to follow the Dodd Frank rules have driven many smaller banks from the mortgage industry.  So, there are consequences.

Objections to Dodd Frank

While proponents of Dodd Frank insist that the legislation stopped greedy bankers and predatory lenders, all kinds of experts believe it overreaches.  Many of them advocate less government intervention.  They also believe that the Fed’s artificially low interest rates create more problems.  We can all scratch our heads because government agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the ones subsidizing most of the risky loans, leading to a recession.  The list continues, citing continuing difficulty for first-time homebuyers and new retirees to get mortgages.

Measurable Transaction Time Frames

Ali Anari and Gerald Klassen, researchers at the TAMU Real Estate Center, studied the length of time it takes to sell homes and close transactions in two major markets.  1) Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land and 2) Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington.  These markets account for 55 percent of home sales in Texas.  Researchers drew three initial conclusions:

  1. “The length of time to sell homes in the two metro areas has trended downward” since the Great Recession.
  2. “The length of time to process home sale transactions after an offer is accepted has trended upward.”
  3. “… The percentage of time devoted to closing transactions has been trending upward to the extent that processing the transaction accounts for more than 40 percent of the time needed to sell a home.”

As part of the project, researchers looked at days on the market (DOM), days to close (DTC), and days to sell (DTS).

Suggestions for Borrowers Real Estate Transactions

The Real Estate Center and their article entitled “More Regulations, More Days to Close,” with a few suggestions for mortgage borrowers.  Gather the necessary paperwork up front.  This includes documentation for income, expenses, and credit history.  If borrowers are ready, they may be able to make up for the extra seven days it now takes to close.

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For information about real estate in Texas Hill Country, call Dale E. Cook at (830) 992-0056.  SAGE – Premium Texas Real Estate is located at 405 N. Llano Street, Fredericksburg, Texas, 78624

Investment Land in Fredericksburg Texas

Nicely located in the southeastern city limits, this residential lot in Fredericksburg Texas is zoned for multi- family residential use.  City utilities are available to the property.  The vacant land is flat and covered with native pasture and backs to mature trees.

Home to 11,000 residents, Fredericksburg is part of Gillespie County, Texas.  The vibrant community sits about an hour west of Boston and north of San Antonio. The destination getaway boasts a charming downtown and historic districts full of wonderful shops, restaurants, live entertainment, and galleries.  Fredericksburg also offers a moderate cost of living, good schools and medical facilities.

investment land

Details – Vacant Land for Sale in Fredericksburg

This 0.17-acre vacant land is Tract #11-A (Henry #2 Block C Lot 11-AR replat) in the HC Maier Addition.  The investment land is zoned R-2.  This is mixed residential use.  The zoning provides for possible multiple rental units, B&Bs, or other creative uses.  Consult with city planning office for unusual uses.  In the seller’s estimated taxes $770.  The listing price for this plot is $58,500.

Fredericksburg Texas Opportunities

Heart of Texas Hill Country real estate, Fredericksburg plays a key role in the area.  Currently, it is ripe for investments.  The community primarily features single-family homes and could use some low-maintenance options.  Fredericksburg has been on the list of Best Places to Retire.  This property is also favorable for someone who desires to build a good-looking duplex and live in one unit while renting out the other.  Possibilities are endless for this well-placed vacant lot.

Recreational activities enhance the lifestyle.  The Pedernales River flows through the southern portion of the community not too far from this plot.  Enchanted Rock State Park is north of town.  The Museum of the Pacific War and Peace Garden, Johnson Ranch, and other noteworthy attractions are close by. Ladybird Golf Course and Boot Ranch Golf Course offer year-round golf.


Families living in this neighborhood are served by the Fredericksburg School District.  There are also private schools and college programs available in Fredericksburg.


From Downtown Fredericksburg, take Main St and turn south on Hwy 87/Washington.  Turn right on Hale St.  The property is on the corner of Hale and Ettie St.  Note the cut for the driveway on Ettie.

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For information about the vacant land for sale on Hale St in Fredericksburg, call Dale Cook at (830) 992-0056SAGE – Premium Texas Real Estate is located at 405 N. Llano St, Fredericksburg, TX, 78624

Get Ready for Fall Festivals in Texas Hill Country

Are you in Austin or San Antonio?  Bring the whole family to the heart of Texas Hill Country for wholesome fun.  It is a great daytrip or unique getaway to one of the quaint bed-and-breakfast establishments in Fredericksburg.  You may find the endearing community a great place to own a second home.  Or maybe start a little farm.

Oktoberfest, October 6-8, 2017

Texas Hill Country

Oktoberfest, October 6-8, 2017

The 37th Annual Oktoberfest begins Friday, Oct 6.  The German music, morsels and refreshments will keep you toe tapping into the evenings.  Hop on the Texas Line Trail or stroll through the welcoming downtown Fredericksburg historic districts.

Texas Mesquite Art Festival, October 13-15, 2017

Come back for more.  The world’s finest Mesquite artisans will be in town showing off their collections of sculpted wood.  Fine one-of-a-kind pieces to accent your home decor.  There will be beautiful handcrafted furniture, unique crafts, and creative gifts available for early Christmas shopping.

Knights of Columbus Bestfest, October 21, 2017

Do not miss the celebration at the Marktplatz when the Knights of Columbus get cooking.  Polka bands and dancing for all at the casual celebration.  It is all-you-can-eat German-style side dishes!  Philip with craft beer and specialty sausages.

Food & Wine Fest, October 28, 2017

The annual Fredericksburg Food & Wine Fest is a homage to Texas food and wine.  Several special events make this a do not miss occasion.  Buy tickets in advance.  Texas gourmet chefs and Texas Hill country wineries will be on their game.  Special events include wine pairing dinners, culinary demonstrations at the Grape Expectations Cooking School.  Come out for the Gargantuan Great Grape Toss, the silent auction, live music, and other fun activities.

Food & Wine Fest, October 28, 2017

Food & Wine Fest, October 28, 2017

Wildseed Farms Planting

Wildseed Farms goes into full gear with autumn planting season.  Drop by to taste the wine and learn about Texas wildflowers, sunflowers, seniors, and grape varietals.  All crops thrive in the unique climate of Texas Hill Country.  If you are short on time, be sure to stock up on scenes from the gift shop – Autumn Beauty, Chocolate Cherry, Gray caps type, Lemon Queen, and other collections are on display.

Texas Hill Country Real Estate Agents

If you are taken by the spirit of Fredericksburg and desire to find out about homes, land, or ranches in Gillespie County, please call Dale E. Cook, Broker/Owner Sage Premium Texas Real Estate, at 830-992-0056;  405 N. Llano St. , Fredericksburg, TX 78624.

Build New Homes in Texas Hill Country Subdivision

Come build your new homes in Texas Hill Country.  In Fredericksburg, we’ve got a great selection of vacant subdivisions lots for you.  Do you want to be in the city?  Ask about a parcel backing to gorgeous woods along Baron’s Creek.  [See “Fabulous Barons Creek in Town Fredericksburg Lot for Sale” posted June 24, 2017.]

Vacant Stone Ridge Fredericksburg Lot for Sale

Would you like to be a little distance from downtown?  Ask about this one-third acre vacant lot in Stone Ridge.  Surrounded by beautiful homes, this large lot on Summit Forest nestles into a quiet location at the end of a cul-de-sac.  HOA fees are under $50.

Address:  2354 Summit Forest, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
MLS#:   74004
Price:  $79,000

New Homes in Texas Hill Country

Encompassing 16,117 square feet, the sizable sloping lot features native pastureland and wood fence.  It is kind of a pie-shaped parcel.  And the property is ready for your new home in the popular Stone Ridge subdivision.  Utilities are present, including natural gas, telephone, CTEC Electric, water and sewer.  Other available services include electric, underground cable, and telephone.

This property is 6 minutes northeast of downtown.  Take Llano St./Hwy 16 north.  Turn left on Lower Crabapple Rd and bear right to stay on it.  Turn right on Ellebracht Dr.  Back of the Lot is on the left.

Top Places Includes Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is in the cooler hills, about an hour west of Austin and north of San Antonio.  It features a charming walkable downtown, historic districts, and world class Museum of the Pacific War.  Several publications have pointed the way to this Texas real estate.

Forbes ranked Fredericksburg as a top 25 best places to retire, noting the high-quality lifestyle, desirable location, low crime, and affordability.  The city of 11,000 is a Hill Country hub.  It sits amid open areas, rivers, farms, and ranches.  The cost of living 5 percent below the national average, including home prices and taxes, boasts the family friendly community.


Students attend Fredericksburg Elementary School, Middle School & High School.  There are also private schools, including Heritage School and Fredericksburg Christian School, and university programs in Fredericksburg.

Real Estate Agents Fredericksburg Texas

Please contact Dale Cook of Sage Premium Texas Real Estate at 830-997-1035 for more information about builders and excellent places to build new homes in Texas Hill Country.

Great New Fredericksburg Townhome for Sale with Tennis

Come here to the heart of Texas Hill Country.  Clean modern lines and lots of space will be yours in this great new Fredericksburg townhome for sale.  The two-story beauty sits on a corner lot in Windcrest Subdivision near tennis courts.  Owners enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle.  Quiet Windcrest nestles off Hwy 16 southwest of Downtown Fredericksburg.   Charming Fredericksburg is located about an hour west of Austin and north of San Antonio.

Address:  501 Winding Way Court, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
MLS #:  74130
Price:  $389,000

Fredericksburg Townhome for Sale

Details – New Fredericksburg Townhome for Sale

This attractive property features 2214 sq ft with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an office.  Streamlined open living space with high end finishes.  Distinctive detailing accents the streamlines the living space.  High-end finishes grace the open floor plan, including stainless appliances, granite counters, hardwood floors, travertine, stonework.

On the first floor are the entry foyer, bonus room, utility room with sink, storage, and a 320-square-foot garage.  The main living area is upstairs where we find the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, office, storage, and a large balcony.  Out back is a patio and lawn.  Wired for an elevator, it could be added in the future.

Windcrest Amenities

Benefitting from years of experience, the friendly Windcrest community boasts a well-organized HOA.  Popular amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, and a tennis court.  HOA fees of $220 per month ensure maintenance for common areas, exterior building maintenance, and landscaping.

Why Retire in Fredericksburg TX?

Named a Best Places to Retire, the one-of-a-kind German village of Fredericksburg is home to 11,000 residents.  Known for world-class museums, lively festivals, wineries, galleries, live theater, great restaurants, and beautiful climate, town is also a tourist destination.  Hundreds of quaint bed & breakfasts assure visitors a sense of place harkening back a century.  Seat of Gillespie Co., Fredericksburg also boasts noteworthy medical facilities and reputable schools.

Long the cooler escape from the lower elevations, the rolling hills, rivers, and wildflower meadows of Texas Hill Country calm the soul.  This is the place to ride bikes, golf, hike, hunt, float the river and relax.


Fredericksburg School District serves the community.  In addition, there are private schools and satellite college campuses.


From downtown Fredericksburg, take West Main St and continue onto Hwy 16 S.  Turn right on W Windcrest St and then left on Winding Way Ct.  501 Winding Way Ct is the first townhouse on the left.

Real Estate Agents Fredericksburg TX

Please contact Dale Cook of Sage Premium Texas Real Estate at 830-997-1035 for more information about Windcrest townhomes in Fredericksburg TX.

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